[RESPONDED] Issue with booting USB from port 6

I found an unusual issue with my Framework 16 where port 6 doesn’t allow me to boot live USB drives the same way as port 3 when using a USB-A adapter in each.

I documented more of the issue on Stack Exchange (linux - Grub "failure reading sector" from Live USB - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange), but I had two live USBs on two different drives:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a 16 GB USB 3.0 drive
  • Ubuntu Sway Remix (based on 22.04 LTS) on a 4 GB USB 2.0 drive

The Ubuntu Sway live USB was able to boot in either port 3 or port 6 (both have a USB-A adapter). The Ubuntu 22.04 live USB was only able to boot in port 3. On port 6, I continually got an error:

error: failure reading sector 0x5b88c0 from 'hd0'

I’m hoping someone else can help test this to see if they have the same issue. More details are in the Stack Exchange link, including a picture of the error.

I have the Ryzen 7 7840HS and Radeon RX 7700S dGPU. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS was installed, but my issues are during boot, so I don’t think the installed OS matters.

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Just tried booting into a live install of Fedora, worked fine with no issues on my slot 6

I might have had the same issue. I spent two days trying to get various OSs to boot off a USB-A drive from slot 6. None totally worked, then I got a new USB-C drive and plugged into slot 1 and was able to install. Though I also disabled secure boot at that point, which may have been hindering the installs. I also think it’s possible I fried my USB-A drive by too many flashing of OSs…

What size drive and what USB generation? I don’t have many drives on me, so I am not sure if it’s the fact that my smaller drive is 4 GB vs 16 GB or USB 2.0 vs 3.0, but that one works on port 6 while the larger one doesn’t.

I checked secure boot several times, but I had it disabled in all my tests. I actually don’t think it matters too much for me since I can boot into Ubuntu Sway Remix and Ubuntu 22.04 just fine with it enabled, as long as I use port 3 for the drive with Ubuntu 22.04 on it.

Could you try moving your USB-C to A adapter to port 3 (or any other port) and see if the USB-A drive boots in that? I tried swapping my adapters between ports 3 and 6 and it didn’t affect anything, so I don’t think it’s related to the adapter but the port itself.

Alternatively, if that’s the case, you should have trouble booting the USB-C drive on port 6 as well (unless the generation difference matters).

I’ve tried two different sticks both are 64GB and USB 3.0

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I recently tried booting from ports 3 and 6… ended up with an nvme drive hitting 80c at idle and no visible boot option. I think there’s some other things going on… but I don’t think it should’ve been possible to get the drive that hot. It wasn’t the usb-adapter doing it either as I tried a couple from different brands.

I just kept banging my head against the wall and eventually it broke and I got what I wanted… but I never figured out what happened with the temperatures.

Adding my 2 cents so I can get a notification if anything weird is found to be going on with ports 3/6.

In this photo, the drive refuses to mount and is performing no I/O operations.

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Which processor option does everyone have? Maybe it also depends on that.

Tested, was not able to reproduce, tested all ports. No issues. Tested again with another flash drive. This feels like bad sector behavior (which can work fine until it doesn’t - hard to repro).

I can try again this weekend, but it was 100% reproducible previously, even after reformatting my 16 GB drive and reinstalling a live USB. The GRUB error did prompt me to scan the disk in Windows as well as use badblocks, but nothing showed issues with the disk (and the write test was hugely destructive – lesson learned).

If it is a bad sector, why would it work on one port but not on another?