[RESPONDED] Linux Ubuntu Boot error for the modules

I am seeing a bunch of error messages when I boot ubuntu 22.04 that are related to the modules. I’ve installed the driver modules already. I am attaching a copy of the boot messages.

I am also not sure of the fans in the expansion bay shell are running.

Anybody experiencing anything similar or have any recommendations?

Just an obligatory question about you following the steps outlined in this doc?

Yup followed the entire guide, and the github command line instructions via terminal. I did have issues with the ubuntu boot key not loading successfully with those errors being displayed during the boot key as well.

Have you tried doing a fresh install of 22.04, just in case something went wrong in the process?

Not yet. I’m hoping to avoid doing that since I just finished setting up all of my virtual environments and settings for work and stuff.

But I will if I need to

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 and followed the guides and terminal commands for the kernel and I am still getting the boot errors. As far as I can tell, all of my modules are working correctly. I would love to figure out what’s causing the errors but the laptop is booting so I am not going to stress about it. If anyone else is having the issues or knows a fix, please let me know!

Do check if there’s anything odd in usb detection or data transfer rate, if none then all should be fine.