[RESPONDED] Linux (Mint 21.2 specifically) performance

I’m a long time Linux user (20+ years). I’m using a 1st gen Framework 13 laptop and started using Kubuntu. In the last 6-9 months I’ve switched to Mint. Everything feels dog slow. Launching apps takes awhile, when I’m developing in VS code, compiles are slow, even plugins doing trivial formatting tasks are slow. When I check ‘top’, processes are pegged at 100% often. When I launch slack, it stays at 100% for 30-60 seconds. Watching videos in a browser takes 50%+ cpu.

dmesg doesn’t show any errors that I can see, but I’m not sure what I’d be looking for. Syslog seems clean as well. Does anyone have suggestions on where to look our how to try and track this down?

Any help is appreciated! Love this laptop, best I’ve used. But I need to figure this out.



Hi Dave, welcome to the community from another long time Linux enthusiast. :slight_smile:

Didn’t catch which model (13th Gen, AMD?)

Due to staff available, available cycles and a variety of other factors, we really want folks on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS using the prescribed kernel from our guide, with all updates run or Fedora 39, all updates run.

That’s the best official support we can help with.

Community support, ideally latest kernel possible. But expect gotchas as there will be stuff patched on the above distros (again, please remember the guides.frame.work for those distros) not found on Mint, etc.

Anything electron based applications will be CPU hogs by nature. I recommend using a browser for Slack, similar myself.

Let’s get you started on a supported/tested distro (really recommend Fedora for users like us, very solid). Run all the updates. Reboot, check there.

If you are passionate about using KDE, Fedora is going to be a recommended option while I have not vetted it as official as of yet.

Fedora Workstation 39 is a very solid experience.

Once we get you onto something like Fedora, know which browser you are looking to improve cpu cycles on and which Framework 13 this is, we can tackle that next.

Wow thanks for the quick response! You know we all have our distro of choice :smile:

First, I’m using, I believe, an 11th gen 13"…
System: Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7

I’m comfortable moving back to Ubuntu, I can start there and see where things stand. I’ll try and do that this weekend and see where things stand. We’ll go from there.


If you are a real Fan of KDE Plasma, I’d rather use KDE Neon. It uses Ubuntu LTS with the latest KDE/Plasma builds. So the stability of Ubuntu LTS 22.4 and Plasma 5.27.10, Framework 5.113.0. A bliss on any intel CPU.

Regarding the plasma part. I use Linux on my private computer (here KDE Neon) and KUbuntu on my work laptop both on LTS 22.04. Plasma 5.24.7, Framework 5.92.0

The KDE Neon experience is way better than the old KUbuntu release, especially when using Wayland instead of X11.

Note - they will soon release the Plasma 6 - I don’t know how they will deal with it in KDE Neon, I tend to configure the release to be Neon/release-lts

I had been using KDE most of my Linux time and I had never heard of Neon. I’ll definitely pull that down and take a look, thank you!

You won’t be disappointed. In fact, I wanted to test Wayland - and that’s where I stumbled on it. It really has the best experience from all distros I tested so far, especially regarding Wayland and Plasma/KDE.