[RESPONDED] My laptop has never been reliable. I want my money back

my laptop has never been reliable. I want my money back. what is the phone number to speak to someone about this.

Framework does not offer phone support. You can contact support here: Framework | Support

I’ll also encourage you to read the Framework Terms of Sale and Limited Warranty documentation, which would govern your eligibility for return.


Hello @Sean_M_McCormack ,

We’re happy to continue to troubleshoot with you, but a refund will not be a viable path given your purchase in 2021.

If you are having problems booting, this is likely due to the RTC Battery draining down due to limited usage. You’ll need to perform a mainboard reset and trickle charge the RTC battery.

You can do that following the steps below:

  1. Plug power into the laptop and keep it plugged in for at least one hour.
  2. Unplug power.
  3. Open the system following the guide here. If the LEDs are blinking red at this point, make sure to wait until they turn off.
  4. Carefully pop out the RTC battery (the coin cell) with a pin following the steps here.
  5. Wait 15 minutes, and then carefully re-insert the RTC battery.
  6. Close up the system, following the guide.
  7. Plug in power and press the power button.
  8. If the system boots, keep power plugged in for the next 24 hours to recharge the RTC battery fully.

If after 24 hours, the laptop will not power on, please let us know, and we will send you a replacement RTC battery, free of charge, regardless of warranty status.

Thank you.