Framework won't boot

Hello I should be honest in that I already put in a support request for this but i’m impatient so I’m also going to ask here

I’m having issues with my framework laptop not booting, the long story short of it was that I thought I had narrowed down the problem to the mainboard and was I replaced it (for a variety of reasons, including the issues I was having before, and the fact that I broke off a battery retaining clip and was securing the battery with scotch tape.) I swapped from a
Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 to the Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7

basically what is currently happening is that when I try to power on the laptop, at first the power button does nothing but once connected to ac power, it becomes responsive again, turning when i press the power button, the power button lights up and the fan starts to spin but the screen does not light up and the computer does not boot. (notably I am able to turn it off and back on again without re-connecting ac power)
the light on the side is blinking but I’m struggling to count the blinks in real time. and i’m not entirely sure how to interpret the weird combination of blinks I’m getting. (it seems to be 10 green 1 red 2 green 1 red 8 green)

  • I’m using windows 11
  • 11th gen intel laptop

trouble shooting steps I have already done

  • used a usb c external monitor to see if the screen was an issue
  • followed this guide
  • turning the laptop on with the power connected and letting it sit with the black screen and fan sitting with the power connected for 10 minutes
  • told the laptop that I love it and it would be really great if it turned on

I’m really lost here and would appreciate any help

Sounds like the RTC battery has gone bad. If you reach out to Support they will send you a new one for free if they determine that to be the cause of the issue. Best of luck!