Dropped laptop and now no screen

Hello my framework batch 4 took a tumble and now I have no screen at all. On a second monitor everything works fine.
I’ve tried doing a hard restart and reseating the internal display connector. I haven’t tried messing with the side of the connector that attaches to the display itself.
Is there any other trouble shooting I can do or is it new screen time?

First, contact Framework support. All done with that? Awesome!

Secondly, just remember this is community support, and take it with a grain of salt.

But if your display is no longer showing any signs of life, but everything else on the laptop is working, then most likely the drop broke your display. Good news? You can order a new display instead of a new laptop. Just get with Framework customer support and they’ll take care of you.



That’s about what I figured and yeah I’ve already contacted support. Mostly just waiting for confirmation that it’s dead before hitting the place order button. Thanks!