[RESPONDED] NixOS questions

I think there is a (very) small NixOS user community here. Maybe we can coalesce somewhere in this forum for specific NixOS related issues.

I have one. Is anyone able to turn the great fw-ectool by DHowett GitHub - DHowett/fw-ectool 2 into a nix package and get it on the Nix “repo”?


If it’s helpful to anyone, I think I have a working Nix package for the embedded controller here: GitHub - ssddq/fw-ectool


Using this thread is a good start. I’ll pin it for now.

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Has anyone gotten their fingerprint scanner to work and would be comfortable sharing the config that enables it with me? I haven’t gotten anything to work.

Hello Koriko,

would be happy to help, are you by any chance using NixOS with Gnome Desktop Environment? can we check if fprintd can see the device at least?

fprintd-enroll list_devices

It would be interesting to see the output.

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