[RESPONDED] "Performance" in Power Profiles on Ubuntu 23.04 is not the same as "Performance" in TLP

On an 11th gen FL13, Ubuntu 23.04, all the latest updates (including BIOS), plugged in / PD.

When the system is in Performance power profile, it would score around 7400 (multicore) in geekbench 6. However, when it’s in Performance on the TLP side, it would only score around 6500.

I’ve stopped, disabled and masked power-profile-daemon (PPD) before going over to TLP, and vice-versa when going back to PPD. This is a repeatable behaviour. TLP has been configured to Performance on all things processor related on AC.

Does anyone know why it’s behaving like this?

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Difficult to say without having time to test against a community support distro release. The TLP guide is primarily focused on battery retention throughout the workday.

All of that said, you could try simply stopping TLP (with PPD removed) and see if this gives you something different.

Personally, I don’t get too excited about benchmarks so long as general expected application performance lands where it should be.

Me neither, generally. But it’s just a fairly straight forward standardized CPU bound test with numbers. …and repeatable [odd] behaviour in this case.

Will go and remove PPD stop TLP, see what that will give me.