[RESPONDED] Photo editing on Linux does not work with almost any application

Starting situation:
Frame.work 13” laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 7640U
Fedora 40 (workstation edition) with GNOME desktop environment

Hello everyone,
I’m experiencing a rather strange problem which I can’t find a solution of when editing photos with several of the most commons dedicated programs (like “GNOME Photos” and “Pix”).
Despite the fact that I go to interact with the “toggles” that allow me to change exposure, contrast, saturation, etc. these do not go to apply changes to the photos, but simply remain as they are.
Since I am in the Wayland environment, I tried changing it to Xorg, but it did not work.

I thank in advance anyone who wants to help me find a solution :blush:

Are you able to boot to a Live CD of some other LINUX Distro and then use that to test out the same graphic design apps?

If not a Live CD, then install some other distro on a USB flash drive and boot off of that.

The reason for these tests is so that you can compare. It’s even better if you can take the same Live CD or USB flash drive and put it in a totally different Intel or AMD PC and test it there. If it works on totally different hardware than the Framework Laptop, then you have some indication it is the Framework Laptop (not at all likely that this will happen, of course).

Hi @Daniel_Grasso ,

just clarifying you the changes on these photos aren’t saved is what you are saying?
and have you tried GIMP?