[RESPONDED] Replace Wine with A.I?

Okay, so hear me out. With how powerful and sophisticated modern A.I. tools are becoming, what if someone created an AI tool that could take a program, or other type of software, and recompile it’s code to run on other operating systems or even other processor architectures? With a tool like this, the transition from windows to linux, or from X86 to say, RISC-V, would become quick and easy, because you could use the aforementioned AI to recompile all of your software to run on these new systems.

Neat idea, but may be a ways out. :slight_smile:


Yeah, AI is not that powerful.

The AI hype on the other hand seems very powerful.

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AI in its current form is unsuitable for any purpose other than separating gullible investors from their money

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Automated object code conversion, virtualization and/or emulation is already a thing. Has been for decades. MacOS has been through 2 architecture transpositions with considerable success.