[RESPONDED] Share your openSUSE tumbleweed experiences

Hello folks,
I’m extremely exited about my framework laptop, which is on the way, been scrubbing the forums here and been getting somewhat familiar with whats to be expected. I just have one question, has anybody tried openSUSE tumbleweed on it? How is your experience? I’m an openSUSE user, been on it for about almost 3 years now and thats what i’m planning to be using with the laptop… What are the pros and cons to using it? Is it the same as other distros? Or?..

Tumbleweed generally follows suite with other rolling release distros. Meaning it will work great one day, but its entirely likely updates can introduce regressions and challenges. Do update, but utilize snapper for rolling back if something goes wrong after an update.


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I see, and yes I am familiar with btrfs and snapper! if id had to pick though, what distro would be the one with the best support?

I have had a very near trouble free experience with Fedora. I have another unit I. The house with Ubuntu on it…that one not so much.

Suspending with hubs usually mean if the hub has something “in use”, it can prevent a successful suspend.

Few thing come to mind to try:

  • Disconnect everything from the hub, try suspending. Did it work? If so, list the items that were removed.

  • If this still doesn’t work, you can check your logs to see if anything stands out. Docks are a tricky thing to catch, so your mileage may vary.

journalctl | grep suspend

Let’s start here.

interesting… i will even try this out on my Thinkpad since i press suspend and it wakes right up. Maybe this troubleshooting method will let me find a device that can impact the ability to suspend. Thanks…

It’s certainly worth comparing the experiences. But any hub can work on one system and do creative things on another. It’s all about how the hub interacts.

I’d definitely follow the steps above, this may be a matter of a single device it’s not liking or something that shows itself in the logs. :slight_smile:

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