[RESPONDED] Stuck in boot loop after installing ReFind - Linux

Dual Boot Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22.04
13th gen Framework 13

I got my FW today and installed Windows 11 and then installed Ubuntu 22.04 in a dual boot configuration. I followed the Framework guide on setting up Ubuntu 22.04 on the 13th gen FW. Both OSes work great.

I wanted to have a cleaner boot manager on startup, so I installed ReFind. Looking around the forum, it looks like many people have had no problems using ReFind. After I installed ReFind, I restarted and was stuck in a boot loop where the Framework logo would flash on the screen and the computer would immediately shut down again. I could use F2 to enter the bios screen and if I selected ReFind in the boot menu it went right back to the boot loop. Selecting Windows or Ubuntu successfully booted into the OS no problem. Removing ReFind resolves and the boot loop.

Has anyone encountered this? Not sure if it’s a Framework-specific issue. I haven’t had this problem on other PCs with ReFind. And I can’t find any info that might help me troubleshoot this problem. I found this issue: bootloader - rEFInd is stuck in a boot loop. Is there a log? - Super User but none of these steps changed anything for me.


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Hi Andrew,

I have not used ReFind in a very long time, and we have not tested in on any of our offerings here whatsoever. That said, there are those here who have used it successfully.

It’s certainly not something I have the cycles to officially support at this time, however, I would be interested in any community members who have used it have experienced this.

Thanks! Make sense it wouldn’t necessarily be officially supported.

As an update, I hypothesized that it might be a Secure Boot issue. After following the Secure Boot guide on the rEFInd website I managed to reach the MokManager page on reboot, but couldn’t get it to accept the certificate I gave it. I think at this point it requires too difficult a setup for me to invest more time in. So, I think I’ll stick with GRUB unless someone replies with a simple solution.


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Awesome, appreciate the update. GRUB while not pretty, is reliable. :slight_smile: