[RESPONDED] Suggest Codec Installation In Fedora Setup Guide

Currently there seems to be no mention of installing codec in the Fedora 39 setup guide or complete setup guide

Personally, I find a lot of smaller video streaming service do not work well without proper codecs (YouTube seems to be fine). I personally have experienced video audio desync on some sites.

So I think it is good if we can at least point people to install codecs on fedora: Installing plugins for playing movies and music :: Fedora Docs , or adding the instruction directly to the complete setup guide can be better.

I’ve went through a loop of installing all the things (as per the link you pasted), which felt a bit over the top as its like a sold 1Gb of what I think is junk, so I basically ended up with:

dnf install openh264

However using Firefox with video conferencing websites isn’t very performant, so perhaps my one liner is too simple…

Let’s find out. Will watch this thread with interest.

H264 is a very widely used codecs, so it is likely fine for big sites like YouTube. But many other sites uses other codecs or have poor support of H264.

I think given that this is documented in the official fedora docs, it is probably useful. And indeed intalling them fixed my desync issue.

Non-free codecs on rpmfusion:


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Would be interesting to know if there really is a need to add non-free codecs instructions, most user would not want these codecs installed if they don’t encounter issues playing a specific stream or file.

Why not?

I figured, the default codecs would suffice if everything works for them.

I think it’s not necessary from Framework’s perspective to document this. The documentation should be relevant to supporting their products the best. Fedora has several good docs already created to address codecs and other software. A lot of what people are going to use is subjective.

They rarely do. Sooner or later you run into something that has a vague licensing issue, usually sooner rather than later. Over the years these missing codecs are a recurring theme in complaints by new users of Fedora, who don’t know how to get things working. In these instances distros like Ubuntu ship it anyway, whereas Fedora won’t. The rpmfusion repos are not something to be avoided like PPA’s. If you want a completely operable Fedora Workstation for use as a daily driver you want just about everything they offer in the codec department and likely many other items.