[RESPONDED] Suggestions for USB Audio Interface for Linux Framework 13

Hi every one!

I’ve been searching for information and recommendations, to connect my Framework Laptop 13 (12th Gen) with my audio devices. There are so many devices available, my out-dated knowledge of audio devices and interfaces need a good refresh.

So here is what I need to connect to my Framework laptop, not using the Jack 3.5 mm audio (I have interferences and signal cut after a few seconds, like described here

  1. I have a pair of M-Audio speakers from a previous life (with a MacBook Pro now retired :wink: ), with both TS (Jack 6.35 mm) and XLR inputs

  2. I have an keyboard (line-out), a microphone, and an audio-player (line-out as well). These should be covered by the usual inputs for musicians.

I found a few blog posts and tests, but I do not know, on Linux Ubuntu, if these interfaces need drivers, or compulsory software to be recognised by the system?

I particularly like the M-Audio Track Duo

There are some great thread that I follow with this community, and it helped me a lot to make the most of my FW laptop (12th gen DIY edition), but I could not find similar ones for external audio devices (not modules or customisations to plug on the laptop)

Please could you share what devices are working for you? What specifications to look for?

Regarding the signal cut and interferences after a few seconds of silence, it is related to power saving measures in the kernel module. Can be disabled without any noticeable consequence as described here:


For me, I still get interferences when suspended, for a few seconds after shutdown, and when being shut down but unplugged to powercord but plugged to a DP monitor… But for the rest, it is good

Thank you for sharing this quick fix Andres!
I copy it the the other thread started for this issue.

and what do you use to connect to external audio devices, and/or have already tested, please?

My audio gear is collecting dust in storage. That said, M-Audio has historically played nicely in Linux in my experience (thinking back to JACK and later, Pipewire).

Again, operating with older data:

  • Laptop, USB out to M-Audio.

  • M-Audio to whatever kit you’re rockin.

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Love my Focusrite Scarlett, and it’s fairly inexpensive. But I think any class compliant audio device (like the Scarlett) should be fine… just make sure you don’t get something that needs drivers.

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