[RESPONDED] Temperature Sensor Locations

Hello, I’ve been playing around with custom system monitoring pages in KDE and wanted to create one just for temperatures. When looking at the hardware sensors, there’s a group of ACPI temperature sensors 1-4. Does anyone know what these correspond to in regard to locations within the laptop?

I also see one labeled Phy, which I presume is the phys chip?



Happy to help, which laptop are you using? 11th, 12th 13th gen or AMD? Generally, it’s first physical CPU core.

Yes, sorry. It’s the DIY 13 AMD 7840U.

No worries, yes, first physical core.

I got the following output from ectool:

$ sudo ./build/bds/util/ectool tempsinfo all
0: 1 local_f75303@4d
1: 1 cpu_f75303@4d
2: 1 ddr_f75303@4d
3: 0 cpu@4c

So I’d say the locations in order are: motherboard, CPU socket, DDR something, and CPU temperature (since it’s usually close to k10temp). But if someone from Framework could confirm that would be amazing! Also mt7921 is for the MediaTek WiFi card, so it should be the WiFi PHY temp.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, you could also compile your kernel with the spd5118 patches (or my DKMS version), to see the actual DDR module temps. And there’s also framework-laptop-kmod, which might be getting fan control support soon.