Lm_sensors config

I’ve been running my i5 DIY on Fedora 35 as a personal daily driver and it’s been flawless.

Remaining minor hardware/“driver” question I haven’t been able to answer yet: Is there any Framework configuration for the lm_sensors package out there?

After running sudo sensors-detect here’s what I get:

$ sensors
Adapter: ISA adapter
Package id 0:  +43.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 0:        +41.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 1:        +40.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 2:        +38.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 3:        +40.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

Adapter: ACPI interface
in0:          16.39 V  
curr1:       550.00 mA 

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:        +35.0°C  

Adapter: PCI adapter
Composite:    +44.9°C  (low  =  -0.1°C, high = +81.8°C)
                       (crit = +85.8°C)

Adapter: ACPI interface
temp1:        +43.8°C  (crit = +210.0°C)

I’m pretty sure that last component’s critical temp isn’t 210 degrees C :slight_smile: Also, I don’t see the fan.

Any ideas? Previously (coming from Thinkpads) the fan would generall just show up in the sensors.

I should mention that I’m still on BIOS 3.02, looking forward to 3.06 on LVFS soon.

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