[RESPONDED] Turning off power to internal USB or HDMI / MicroSD extensions

Hey all,

I was wondering if somebody figured out how we can turn off the power to the usb ports. I’ve followed the following guide: https://www.baeldung.com/linux/control-usb-power-supply but i’ve read somewhere else that not all usb ports supply this function.

I generally only use 2 usb-c ports, but would like to have the HDMI and MicroSD with me for portabilities sake, without having them draw continuous power while not in use (latest gen on both) with 13 - 7840

Hi @bubba , welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried this myself on the framework laptop yet, but might be worth checking.

After tinkering and playing around for a while, I managed to get everything to autosuspend and into the amd_epp powersave options with TLP 1.6 (rawhide fedora). The lower versions didn’t work for me. Also PDD misses a lot of useful config which TLP has by default configured, so TLP was the solution for me.

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Thanks for the update @bubba :slight_smile:

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Friendly reminder that TLP is awesome for Intel configurations. Using this with AMD configurations however, is going to be a huge loss in battery performance.

I’m getting about 3watt idle with fedora 39, TLP 1.6 (fedora 40), hyperland and USB + bluetooth suspended. Both the EPP profile and governor are both set to power and powersave respectively in TLP and the rest is default.

Don’t think I can go below that :sweat_smile: tbh. The PDD that is proposed in the other thread is severely outdated. I haven’t tried auto-cpufreq to the fullest to be honest, but from my anecdotal tests I could accomplish most myself by tinkering with the core freqs when setting the amd_pstate to guided. But p_state set to active does a very good job by itself.

Maybe i’m missing something, do you have more tips?