[RESPONDED] Ubuntu 22.04 freezes when screens are plugged in via USB-C while using X11

I am using a setup with a dual monitor plugged in via one USB-C on my 12th gen Framework 13 (one monitor has an integrated usb dock and the other one is plugged is plugged in the DP out of the first one).
When plugging in my displays it extends on all 3 screens but I can’t click on anything.
However when switching to Wayland, everything is fine. But wayland does not manage rescaling correctly (I hate the blurryness).
I found out that the freezing only occurs when the ubuntu-desktop package is installed, but does not with a bare new gnome environnement.
Does anyone have an idea ?

I do prefer Wayland myself as X11 is hit and miss with stuff like this. When you indicated rescaling blurriness, can you take a screenshot of your Display settings for me?

On Wayland, assuming you’ve followed our guide and have enabled, you should have no problem settling the scale to 125%, etc.

  • This is a vanilla install of Ubuntu 22.04 with all the latest updates, following this guide when experiencing blurriness on Wayland?

  • Is the blurriness only on the external display and at what resolution?

The blurryness looks like that only on the integrated display, it is not blurry on the other screens that are not upscaled.

with these settings:

It was a vanilla ubuntu on which I followed 12th gen instructions, at first. I tried reinstalling gnome, but it did not change anything

Thanks :slight_smile:

No blurryness is seen on the capture but it is not actually full size. To emulate my blurryness you’d need to see my capture in full screen.
Thanks @Matt_Hartley

Would be interesting to see if this affects different resolutions.

@Loell_Framework any thoughts or an opportunity to see if you can replicate this with a single display attached? Sounds like @Mathilde_Pascal has two displays attached, but if @Loell_Framework has an extra display available, worth trying to emulate.

hi @Mathilde_Pascal , can we try listing the monitors and see its capable resiloutions?

connect all relevant displays and check outputs



xrandr --listmonitors