[RESPONDED] Ubuntu 22.04 display settings broken on AMD Ryzen 7040

I was running ubuntu 22.04 on AMD Ryzen 7040 Framework 13 just fine. Installed 3.03 BIOS when it was released and was able to use kernel 6.5 without major issues.

Today, out of the blue everything started lagging significantly. I restarted the computer to see if it helps. After reboot, disk encryption password UI had different scaling than before (everything was much smaller).

When the system has booted, Gnome scaling was off too. Display settings shows correct resolution (2256 x 1504) that can’t be changed (unsure if that was always the case), refresh rate of 95.00Hz (which I’m pretty sure was 60Hz before). Fractional scaling that was set to 150% before was off.

When I try to turn it back on, on the first attempt scale jumps back to 200%, on the second attempt, UI size stays the same, but desktop extends beyond left and bottom edge of the display, while size of UI elements stays the same.

3D acceleration seems to be working.

The change happened when I was typing regular text document, no updates were installed at the moment (I have unattended updates disabled). When I dual boot into Windows 11, graphics seem to work as fine as before there.

I have etckeeper installed but there doesn’t seem to be any pertinent change to any config files in /etc directory - some unrelated changes in cups/printers.conf

I could re-install Ubuntu and likely it would fix things. But ideally I’d like to avoid this. Also I’d like to understand what caused the change.

Wayland or Xorg session?

I was getting similar behaviour with the kernel / stack with Mutter under wayland sessions in f38 and f39 - it dissapeared with rawhide for mutter/gnome but resolution switching in kwin_wayland is still broken. Xorg behaves ; and if mutter is previously set to the resolution you want prior to entering a session (i.e by first setting it in a Xorg session, then logging out and back in with a Wayland one) seems to stick.

The kernel in ubuntu 22.04 is old and has known bugs; you are best moving to a distro with a more recent kernel.

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Just echoing what @jwp .

Ubuntu 22.04 is dated now, And you’re using a fairly new hardware. Best to try Fedora 39 or Ubuntu 23.

As I’ve mentioned in the original post I am running kernel 6.5 which is fairly recent.

Also the system did work in this configuration for quite some time until it stopped working. I’m looking for places to check for what has changed.

Session type is X11, I’m pretty sure that before the breakage it was Wayland.

Ok. Fixed the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-amdgpu was blacklisting the amdgpu module.File was created recently, so unsure how it came to be.

Running sudo modprobe amdgpu fixed the problem for current session. removing the rule fixed it permanenetly.

Graphics doesn’t seem as snappy as before so some problem still lingers.

Well, I am using the official 6.1 OEM kernel, no issue whatsoever…