[RESPONDED] XP Pen driver and software quirks on linux

I use a drawing tablet and prefer to use linux for drawing. That said, I have an XP Pen tablet, a budget alternative to Wacom and this device has some issues.
Older drivers and software for XP Pen tablets worked relatively simple. The newer driver and software is worse by a large margin. Thought I’d document the troubles I encountered here in case others have these issues.

Issue 1:
Monitor selection. When selecting the correct monitor in the software, regardless of distro or DE, the cursor shows on the wrong display. This is a massive issue with the framework cause mirrored screens with different resolutions and aspect ratios. That said, if you select all monitors the pen interacts only with the tablet.

Issue 2:
Configurations do not auto-save. Configurations can be saved to a file and then opened through the software but to maintain a configuration, you must select the apply or save button, outside of the configuration menu and in the main window.

Issue 3:
There can be some issues with scaling in X11. The only real advice I have on this is to use Wayland. I first started with this device in PopOS and enabled wayland and a litany of issues around scaling, mainly an offset between pen and cursor, were all resolved. There are some guides to resolving a lot of these issues, David Revoy has an excellent guide on his blog but this device just works better with wayland.

hi @Faisal_Yaqub ,

Thanks putting up these issues here for those using same hardware paired with their Framework machines. :slight_smile:

XP Pen works out of the box right? for both Ubuntu and Fedora?

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Out of the box, it works in Fedora. Minus the issues with XP Pens software.
I’ve only used PopOS as a Debian based distro with the device and it didn’t work out of the box. It seemed to be an issue with XOrg and switching to Wayland resolved most of the issues.