Robustness, spillproofing

Coming from the thinkpad line, two questions for the framework:
will there be any spillproofing against water damage?
Are there any tests for general robustness, e.g. dropping the laptop, dust, extreme temperature etc?
Also I would really enjoy a version with non-metallic exterior.


THIS! I absolutely love the carbon fiber and matte finish on my X1C. The body material and durability testing was the first think I searched for on the Framework site since both were selling points when I bought my first ThinkPad.

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We do the full set of reliability testing that other big notebook brands do for their premium thin and light notebooks. We don’t have explicit spillproofing protection, but we’ve designed the system to be easy to repair in the event of accidents.


Thank you for the answer!
will there be documentation on these tests? Just so users have an idea what the laptop can take and what not.
Maybe there could be a way for some basic spill protection with just an added foil behind the keyboard and some way for the fluid to flow out without reaching the electronics. Though I can imagine it’s hard to combine with optimal modularity. Maybe a minimal protection just for motherboard/CPU/harddrive would be feasible?


Replying to this old thread to describe my spill incident with a Framework. I immediately powered off the laptop and used the tool to open it up and lift the keyboard away from the interior electronics. I was able to verify that no liquid got underneath the keyboard, so I let the keys dry for a bit, closed the laptop, and felt comfortable that nothing was going to short out.

It’s really handy to be able to open the computer quickly! I’m very pleased with the design.


That’s really awesome to hear, thank you for letting us know :orange_heart: