Rubber feet grip

Hi all,

Got my Framework laptop last week and it’s an amazing machine. The only annoyance for me is that the material used for the rubber feet is quite hard, and the grip on them is quite poor.

I use a wooden tray with a cushion attached on the bottom for my lap, and it has been great with previous laptops with softer feet, but Framework laptop tends to slide around on it, due to a combination of the lightness of the laptop, lack of grip on the feet, and the fact that the cushion tray angle changes depending on how I sit.

Does anyone have some ideas to increase the grip of the rubber feet?

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Hi and welcome to the community.

A few ideas come floating in

  • Sand the feet to make them a bit rough
  • Cut grooves into the feet
  • Use double side adhesive to attach another layer of soft rubber
  • Acquire alternate feet that have one side with an adhesive side and add them
  • add a thin layer of silicon directly to the feet

Thanks @amoun those are solid suggestions. I did think of sticking some thin rubber layer on the feet, or exchanging the feet altogether, but for some reason I did not think of adding a few softer aftermarket feet alongside the originals. That should work as long as they are a little bit thicker than the originals, and I still keep the original feet, which is a good idea as I think the quality of those 3rd party feet can be hit-or-miss, and they might disintegrate in a week if I’m unlucky. In any case, it’s worth a try to order some and try.

For a less permanent solution (or at least no permanent changes to the laptop), maybe lay a sheet of something like this on the tray?

I wasn’t thinking of alternate in the sense of removal and exchange but more of and extension and enhancement.

Yep, that’s how I understood it - adding another set of (softer) feet alongside the existing ones.

As for adding a non-slip sheet on the tray surface - that should work in this case, but I would really prefer the laptop itself to be more grippy. Even though it’s not much of a problem on a flat tabletop, I still feel that it slides around a bit too easily even on a level surface.

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The feet are actually plastic coated in rubber. They’re attached to the bottom frame by the kind of “sonically welded” plastic rivets. There’s no restoring them if you pop them off.

There are these though. Universal laptop rubber feet compatible with all laptops - Gecky Feet
They’re taller than the Framework feet. You could place them right next to them though.

Good thing I didn’t then. They did seem suspiciously well attached when I tried to lift the side of one.

I actually ordered a set of these yesterday.

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone swapped out the laptop feet for thicker ones to lift the laptop slightly further off the desk?

I was thinking propping up the laptop when it is under load for better cooling (maybe a slim foldable one), but this might be something to explore first.

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See post and topic

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Guess I will prop it up with maybe some erasers or something.

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Note: Someone, I think it was @Second_Coming pointed out an effect of having a ---- long ---- solid foot at the back of the air intake.

This forces the air to come from the front and sides. So if there are only two feet to raise the height in such a way as to allow air to flow under the existing long one air could also be sucked into the fan from the back.

  • This extra route can bring warmer air into the fan
  • The amount maybe acceptable
  • In my case negligible to zero as the fan never comes on
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What you might want to consider is this:
Instead of swapping out, you just stick a 2-3mm flexible sponge / foam sheet cut out that covers the three current feet with double-sided adhesive tape.

Something like 3mm EPE foam sheets.

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I was looking at something more portable (a slightly thicker feet should be okayish I think). Else a foldable stand so I can bring it along wherever I go.