Screeching sound from rubber feet

Hey Y’all! I’ve been loving my framework 16. My only complaint so far is that the rubber feet make a terrible loud noise when sliding the bottom across a table surface. It sounds like nails on chalkboard almost. I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience? Any solutions?

Got the same sounds today and I don’t have a solution either, other than lifting it up a bit, also it varies widely between different table surfaces.

Try adding actual chalk or graphite dust from a pencil, but then it may slide to easily.

The alternative is to add a a dampers to the table so it doesn’t vibrate.

If you don’t resolve it soon slowly grime will build and depending upon the type it will either act as a glue in which case you will have to lift it ~ the preferred option anyway to move a laptop or it may just slide off the table when you accidentally touch it.

For more general info on squeaks I suggest you search.

Maybe you could post a sound clip so we know the stress you are under. Do not go under the table.

Take care and meanwhile use earmuffs until this has been sorted.


Have you tried
a) Different tables ~ do you get a different pitch on different size tables.
b) Other laptops on the same table and then maybe you could contact the manufacturer of any silent slide and inform Framework of the type of rubber used.


I’m wondering what type of table you have. Is it glass, metal, plastic or wood that may be coated with varnish etc.

If the table manufacturer doesn’t have a forum where you could post, maybe contact them directly with your problem.

Meanwhile lifting or earmuffs ~ I’m out of ideas


I’ve had this issue across all tables.

How about you add mouse glider pads to your laptop or oil or wax the surface of your desk. And if a scratching sound is more to your liking, remove the rubber feet altogether.

You could also glue strong magnets under your laptop and counter them with other magnets glued to your desk, so the laptop levitates.

Or glue the laptop to the desk and move the desk.

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Definitely a design issue for the 16"


Just tried my 26 month old Gen11 13" on a stainless steel plate and a wooden desk which has been linseed oiled.

It’s very slightly rough, the same on both, indicating the noise is from the laptop not the table, and my feet are old and dirty.

One other suggestion is to score the feet so a) they have better grip and b) some of the vibes with be taken up by the ridges.

I think I suggested something similar but if too slippery even a fart may blow it away.

I did also suggested lifting the laptop as also earlier mentioned. Do you really think that if they have a problem with lifting the laptop they would lift the desk. :rofl:

Glue and magnets I didn’t think of, so thanks for that.


i) Wheels with brakes
ii) Hanging from guides in the ceiling
iii) Using a min drone so hanging on wires ~ no need for a table at all.
iv) I’d rather not use a more able bodied person but they could ask a friend with more oof to lift it or even in the table.

Well, great minds think alike :smile:


Seriously, lift your device and reseat it gently. You’re lucky laptops have SSDs nowadays, since 10-15 years ago you would’ve killed the HDD, as they hate vibrations like these coming from pushing your laptop over a hard surface.
And while SSDs are more resilient against vibrations, there are other moving parts inside your Framework, like the fans. So moving your device around too harsh takes a toll on the bearings. On HDDs it’s the read and write head, that crashes on the platter, which damages at least the head, rendering the HDD useless.

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