Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7

I’m debating on whether to get the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 CPU for the DIY edition. I’m not wanting to break the bank so if I don’t need the Ryzen 7, id rather not get it just yet, however, if its going to be much much more better, then id get it to future proof myself since its not a massive extra cost. my main question is the following, is the ryzen 5 good enough for 1080p 60 editing, id like this laptop for light video and photo work on the go, any thing like 4k id save for the desktop. but is the Ryzen 5 capable of a good experience in video editing, or is it a massive difference going for the Ryzen 7. I get its on pre order right now but I’m not to educated on laptop cpu’s the way i am with desktop ones.

It may not be the answer you need but if you can wait a couple weeks, benchmarks will start being shared as the first batch gets delivered. This should provide the best data, running on actual Frameworks.


This is the most correct answer. A lot of the performance is going to be dependent on how well Frameworks thermal solution handles the load of the Ryzen 5, which given how they’ve handled intel’s chips should be fine if not better.

Although if I were to make an educated guess, you’ll have a decent enough time on Ryzen 5 doing light video editing and photo work. You could edit 4k video, just do so using proxies to lower the resolution, otherwise timeline scrubbing is going to be a pain. Avoid doing anything with a ton of post-production effects and you should be fine.

At the end of the day you really just gotta balance your cost/time sensitivity with your workflow. If you want things done as fast as possible then go Ryzen 7. If you’re okay with things not quite being buttery smooth or taking a bit longer then Ryzen 5 is your guy. Just make sure to allocate your workflow to the right machine and temper your expectations if you do go with Ryzen 5.

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If I were you I would go with Ryzen 7, no questions asked. Why? The extra money you spend can always be re-earned, but once you get your Framework laptop, it will be “forever”. So might as well go with the best.

I’ve decided to go with the ryzen 7 after seeing the price of the main board on its own

I have just taken delivery of my Ryzen 7 DIY and VERY glad i went for the 7 over the 5.

which batch was you