Ryzen Framework Laptop Drivers Issues

I hope to help anyone else having issues with their Ryzen Laptop.
I was having missing driver issues after installing windows 11 with a generic install thumb drive and using the OOBE\BYPASSNRO.
I installed the driver package Ryzen Drivers
I was still missing drivers specifically PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller. I was missing another driver, but I do not have the name anymore.
Other issues:

  • Issues with my Anker thunderbolt 4 dock and the framework HDMI adapter.
  • Could not get any monitors to work via USB-C to HDMI cable.
  • Closing laptop lid would make screen turn off. When lid was reopened, screen would not turn back on.

My solution all together was to

This fixed the docking issue, screen issue, and HDMI adapter issue. I still have missing drivers.
PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller.
Other than that the computer appears to running well. If anyone can point me to where I can download those missing drivers. I would appreciate it.

I have a Windows 11/AMD machine, and I’ve just checked device manager and have zero missing drivers listed there (no ‘unknown devices’) - so it would seem that everything ‘base’ on the machine is covered by the driver bundle. Might be worthwhile re-running it in case something failed on install?

I know this doesn’t solve your problem, but I wonder if it’s down to having different drivers for the dock or expansion cards?

Might be worthwhile also checking if the devices are allocated to the hub - use ‘connection view’ in device manager to see what they are hanging off of physically.

Check what bios version you have. Framework says that 3.03 ships with batch 2, HOWEVER, mine did not. You can get the latest of the latest here AMD Ryzen 7040 Series BIOS 3.03 and Driver Bundle Beta and it’ll work well. Otherwise, those devices seem to be from the dock.

That’s the XDNA IPU. If you want to go to the source, you can go to Installation — Ryzen AI Software Platform 0.9 (Preview) documentation

It has the “Download the IPU Driver” link near the top.

However, you have to make an account and agree to their beta software EUA.

Hopefully, it will become part of Adrenaline package soon.