Windows 10 missing drivers?

Hi everyone,

I’ve downloaded drivers from that page :

It’s written for windows 11, but i’m on windows 10 (And i don’t want to upgrade to windows 11)
It mostly works but there’s still some missing drivers :


(sorry for french screenshot)

Is there another driver page where full windows 10 drivers are ?

I’m I the only one with this use case ?

Thanks by advance for any enlightenment.

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AMD Ryzen 7040 series processors only support Windows 11 hence, some drivers are Windows 11 only.

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Almost all of them will get resolved with’s Chipsets → Laptop Chipsets → AMD Ryzen and Athlon Mobile (Chipset) driver.

You’ll also want to get the Adrenaline package for the iGPU 7840U/780M.

After that, extract the the giant Framework driver package to get the fingerprint sensor driver. Use 7zip to extract it. Do NOT run the big executable file.

You can also install the IPU (AI Inference Processing Unit?) driver from the driver package you extracted, or you can go to Installation — Ryzen AI Software Platform 0.9 (Preview) documentation and follow the instruction there.

That will leave you with one (!), which will be the Microsoft Pluton “security” processor. I’m not aware of any Windows 10 drivers for it. I just right-clicked → disabled it, and I haven’t had any issues. Obviously, there won’t be a TPM, but whatever.


That did it, thank you Richard !

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