WD black 850x vs Samsung 990 Pro

The WD black 850x and Samsung 990 Pro have been folks favourites 2290 drives in the community. Could I ask what people’s thoughts are on which is best please?

Could you provide some detail on what aspects are important for your use case?

Performance and idle power really. My use will not be performance intensive or demanding. I’m just wondering what people’s feelings were and also why framework went with WD. I’ve read contradictory reports about which has the better sequential performance of the two but either way there doesn’t seem to be a lot in it. I’m still reading reviews and looking at prices. Some seem to be more expensive than they were a few weeks ago.

If you don’t mind 2TB, I wouldn’t look past the WD 770. It’ll have good enough performance (and competes with the top in some ways), it’s cheap, you can support Framework by buying it from them, and it’s power efficient.

You can also check this list out:

(Btw I’m assuming you mean M.2.2280 rather than 2290)

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Thanks for that. I already got the Samsung drive.

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