SSD opinion

So I am down to my last decision for when my AMD batch 8 FW13 arrives, the SSD.

In my desktop I have 3 of the 1tb WD Black SN850X so I was looking at getting one of those again for the FW13.

But I noticed the Samsung 990Pro is a little cheaper at the moment and apparantly a little faster.

With black Friday sales coming up I am looking to get a bargain on my ram and ssd purchase.

I may end up getting the 4tb ssd to put into the desktop and swapping out one of my desktop 1tb wd black sn850xssd’s into the FW13

Just looking for opinions or experience with these two ssd’s.


Hello Matthew,
I was initially going for the SN850X as well, I have read countless tests about it. I would say they are very close performance wise, with the SN850X sustaining even higher speeds.

You can’t go wrong with either. My decision was solely based on the fact that the SN850X does not support Bitlocker eDrive Hardware encryption that I plan on using, since Bitlocker software encryption impacts SSD performances anywhere from 11 to 45%.

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