Screen going dark when tilting

When I tilt/unfold the screen over 90° (not a precise threshold, just hardly ever happens below that), once in a while (5-10%?) the screen will go dark. It’s not entirely black: if in a very dark room I’ll still faintly see something on the screen (and can also still interact, in principle), but way darker than the lowest brightness setting.
When this happens, what I can do is fold it back closed to put in sleep mode, and when I open again it’s normally back to normal.
Has anyone else experienced something similar? Wondering if it’s a hardware or software problem…
(Running Ubuntu 21.04)

If I understand right, it sounds like the ribbon cable for your display isn’t seated into place tightly.

thanks for the tip, will look into it… would that connection be in the lid or in the main compartment?

There is an automatic brightness changer that is in the software. Do not reseat ribbon cables just yet.

Thanks, do you mean at the firmware level or something? the ubuntu auto brightness is set to off (dim screen when inactive is on though), but anything it’s pretty clear that the brightness level is out of the normal range. Or could it be that the computer wrongly thinks the laptop lid to be closed?

It’s in the intel settings, I do not know how to deal with this on Linux though. Screen Brightness Automatically Changing

I’ve had a similar problem, but in Windows. Thinking mine may be a display cable issue. See my thread here: Display and keyboard not working on brand-new batch 4 laptop

Could you try powering off the system, waiting 30 seconds, and then following the guide here to reseat the display connector? (ignoring the other steps around removing the display itself) Display Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

Thanks @nrp ,
There was indeed something wrong inside. The connector on the screen wasn’t completely in: there’s a metal “hook” supposed to keep it in place, and one side wasn’t locked in.
I’ve put the hook correctly in place, hoping it would solve my problem. When booting again the display was flickering all the time, but after 30sec or so it stabilized, and now it seems to work fine no matter how I tilt the lid. I can’t help though but feel that this transient flickering indicated that something is still wrong…


I’m afraid the worry was justified : today after several hours of use (without any issue), the display flicked very briefly before going off for good.
I’ll be opening it again to check, but with the connector hooked now I don’t really expect to see anything else suspicious… @nrp any other idea maybe?

This just happened to me today. I checked the cable from the link that @nrp posted and it was fine. The cable on the display side was also loose like yours was.
I’m hoping that my screen doesn’t fully give out like yours. Did you get in contact with support?

my display it very dim and its says the time very faintly on the screen I just received my laptop do you think my display is defective