Sell QCNCM865 on Framework marketplace

I want to update my Framework 13 AMD to support Wi-Fi 7.

Seems like I can use Wi-Fi card QCNCM865, and it works even on Linux.

Can Framework company sell it in Marketplace? I would love to pay extra money to you.

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Currently Framework seems to be following the recommendations from Intel and AMD to only use Intel Wi-Fi cards with Intel CPUs and only use AMD Wi-Fi cards with AMD CPUs. Practically other cards can work fine but since Framework follows those recommendations I doubt they’ll sell a Qualcomm Wi-Fi card.

I expect that if Framework were to sell WiFi 7 cards they would probably sell the Intel BE200 and AMD RZ738.

If Framework did start selling RZ738 cards I would snap one up in a heartbeat. Even though I don’t have any Wi-Fi 7 networks around the RZ738 seems to perform ~20% faster on WiFi 6 networks than the AX210 or RZ616.

It probably wouldn’t be worth it, Framework is a small company without much shipping infrastructure. Keeping inventory and shipping around the world would be very expensive so that they’d have to sell a lot of it for a relatively high price to not make a loss, or even a profit. (Compare the SSDs and RAM in the marketplace, they cost around double for what you pay on Amazon or other online shops, plus the shipping isn’t cheap).