[Framework Marketplace] I'm impressed with the pricing

Hello everyone,
I have been following framework for awhile and while I’d really love to purchase one, I want to wait and see if they make a 15 or 17 inch model as I prefer working on those bigger screens. A few days ago, the wifi card in the laptop I have currently started acting up and I realized that it’d probably be a good time to replace it. So I looked around amazon for the AX200 and AX210 wifi cards from intel as they seem to be the most reliable. To my surprise, these cards cost between $30-40. So after hunting a bit, I realized that the framework marketplace may have it. Checked the website and they are selling it for $18! That’s a great deal and in fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices of all the components! Well I guess I know where I’m getting my replacement card from (when it arrives)!