Anyone wishing for Malaysia/Singapore to be added as a new market?

I’m kind of bummed Framework isn’t shipping to Malaysia and Singapore. I’m interested to see if anyone else on this forum feels the same? Maybe Framework will throw us a bone if we make some noise.

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Count me in. But I shipped my Framework 13 to Singapore via forwarding though.

EDIT: Looks like the topic was banned, but just wanted to say I did that to show support and I am fully aware that I would lose my warranty. I am fortunate not to have any issues since I purchased it. Almost a year ago. Sorry about causing your thread to be banned @JHS .

Best not mention that, it is a banned topic as you loose your warranty etc.

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Please note that Framework does not support freight forwarding to unsupported countries as they do not have the authority to sell or ship their products to any countries/regions outside of their officially supported country/region list located here: What countries and regions do you ship to?. If individuals proceed by entering invalid/incorrect billing information, their order will be subject to cancellation/refund, and their payment method may be subject to blacklist. If the order does proceed, they are acknowledging that Framework is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of not utilizing Framework’s direct shipping to a supported country/region, and that they are fully accountable for any additional costs incurred, or documentation required. Additional information can be found in the Framework Terms of Sale and the Framework Limited Warranty documentation.

For this reason, the discussion of freight forwarding is prohibited across all Framework community platforms. This thread will be closed accordingly.

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