[Showcase] RGB LED Matrix Input Module

Hello everyone, I have some great news! I have assembled the first board of the new PCB! It fits perfectly in the official Framework LED matrix plastic and metal housing!

Here are two short demo videos I created to test it out.



For those interested, here is a video of the pick and place machine at my university assembling the first two boards.



oh, that looks slick. great work!


So when can we buy them? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still waiting on my batch 1 order to arrive for real testing. I will probably have to sell just the PCB on its own that the customer would put into their official Framework LED matrix. I’m not sure that Framework would be able to sell me the plastic and sheet metal parts to assemble my own complete input modules.

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No problem. Do you have a BOM for the parts?


The best way to get the BOM is to check out the KiCad project on my GitHub for the PCB.

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OK, I’ll track that down. Thanks.
Yep, used link in first post in this thread. :+1:


Hello everyone!

I have received my batch 1 Framework 16 as of today! I thought it would be fun to show off the RGB LED matrix module installed in the real deal laptop!

Some picture too:


Please let us know if these can be ordered, and if it might be possible to get them in the module, or alternatively, how hard it is to swap the default LED module with your RGB one.

Also, congratulations on creating this, it is very impressive.


Yeah, this is really cool. I’m definitely interested in getting it, though I should probably figure out something to do with my grayscale ones first…

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Looking pretty sick, can’t wait to see what two of them look like next to each other! :duck:

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It would be such a shame if you had to basically make a whole working matrix module into scraps. I mean I guess you could build it back if you choose you want that instead of rgb, but will you really?

I would rather get the rgb matrix only and not purchase a module I don’t plan to use

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Any further news on availability of these PCBs?

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Yes! I have spoken to Nirav. He is planning to send me 40 to 50 pieces of the plastic and metal shell pieces. Once I receive these pieces, I’ll create a Tindie listing where people can pre-order the modules.


Oh great. When you do create a listing make sure you put a link here please. I don’t hang out on tinder.


LoL, nice one.

@Joseph_Schroedl , does that mean you plan to sell an entire module? Not just a replacement board for the existing modules? Or possibly have both options?

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This is great to hear. If it is not being presumptuous, please put me on the list for two of the modules. I can get hung up in the real world at times, and don’t want to miss on them if I am otherwise occupied. Thanks, and have a great day!

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I can have both options available. I plan to sell the whole module. It won’t be hard to also sell the PCB on its own.

I definitely will.

Tindie is Etsy for electronics: https://www.tindie.com/.

Tinder is … uh … something completely different, having nothing to do with the selling of electronic stuff. :grimacing: