Why is the LED next to the charging port blinking amber?

I was experiencing the CPU stuck at 0.2GHz due to BD PROCHOT issue a few days ago. Flashing the new 3.07 beta BIOS resolved it. However now the LED next to the charging port is constantly blinking in an amber-ish color. I’m pretty sure it never did that before. Everything else seems normal. What’s up with my laptop?

This seems to be new behaviour in 3.07. I see this with the charger connected but the battery threshold above that set in the BIOS - i.e. it sees the charger and would normally charge but does not need to.

My guess is:

  • if the battery is 100% and the charger is connected, it is white like before. “Fully charged, not charging”.
  • if the battery is less than 100% but above the charge threshold, you get this amber blinking LED. “I see the charger and would charge but I don’t need to.”
  • if the battery is less than the charge threshold the LED is a solid amber when the charger is connected. “Charging”. As before.

I haven’t seen any official word on what to expect, but that’s my guess based on seeing how it behaves.


That’s a reasonable guess. I also noticed the new charge threshold option, but I left it at 100, and my laptop is fully charged. If that’s the case maybe they should make it do the blinking thing only if the threshold is set below 100.

Speaking of the charge threshold, here is a question for anyone on the Framework team: is there (or will there be) a method to set it within the operating system (like tp_smapi or thinkpad-acpi for ThinkPads) ?


For what it is worth, I was experiencing the same issue with the charging port blinking amber after the upgrade to BIOS 3.07.

When I changed the charging led brightness from high to low in the BIOS this problem went away, the led is now steady white with the battery level at 100%.

A few minutes later and now it is flashing amber again, so much for that idea.

I believe that @Fraoch ’s answer is correct.

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Since I first posted this has proven correct. My battery has dropped below the charge threshold. When I plug it in, if it’s below the charge threshold, it will charge with the solid amber LED as before. When it reaches the charge threshold, it blinks amber. When I start it up after that it’s at the charge threshold and goes down from there.

I don’t think I’ll see the white LED again unless I reset the charge threshold back to 100.

This seems pretty logical and expected to me.

LOL! I thought it indicated a problem with the cable as kitten chewed on said cable to the point of exposing wiring on the outside of the cable. It still needed to be replaced, though. That’s a lot of voltage to risk going near data lines to risk using a damaged cable.

20V @ 3A = 60W =