Side port issues


I have had issues with the side ports of my laptop to the point that the hdmi port is now unusable at all. I also had to move the location of my usbc port because of the same issue. WHat can be done to address this it is my work laptop and it is getting in the way of doing my job. I can no longer use my laptop plugged into my external monitor which is needed for my work.

Please contact support, especially because of the severity of your issues. We can offer more support here as well, but you may want to let us know some more details about your issues. Can you let us know what version of the laptop you have (11th gen, 12th gen, 12th gen Chromebook) and which OS you are running? It would also help if you could give some more details on how your HDMI port is not working (did it suddenly stop, was it never working from the start?)

As for solutions, Support will be able to help you if you’re having hardware issues, but you may also need to install/reinstall drivers, or update your OS.