New laptop, weird issues

I ordered a Framework at the end of May and have a couple of issues that keep recurring.

First, the external monitor connection is not stable. (Yes, I checked the cord and connection including trying different cords). When I power on the laptop, it won’t connect with my external monitor; I have to unplug the HDMI cord and reconnect it every time. I did move around the placement of the HDMI card, which did not help. I also reached out to Framework to see if they would replace the card in case it is faulty, but they have not been helpful in solving the issue thus far.

The laptop also has issues with sleep mode. Some days it won’t turn back on and I have to force it to restart. This does not happen every time but seems to happen most often when it is left in sleep mode overnight. The only program I would leave running is chrome.

Any suggestions?

Are you on the 11th or 12th gen system?

Are you on Windows or Linux?

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Leaving in sleep mode overnight may not be a great idea as there is significant battery drain. Then there is the process of the laptop switching from sleep to hibernate after a while, maybe an hour, effectively switching it off to save battery.

I have the 11th gen system and I am using Windows 10. Also, I leave the laptop plugged in with the battery power set at 50% max unless I know I will be working remotely.

Have we also tried to see if other monitors/TVs do the same thing