Slow internet (intel AX210, AMD mainBoard)

I just upgraded to the new AMD motherboard (7840U) with the new Intel Wi-Fi card (AX210) on Windows 11, but the Wi-Fi is really slow compared to before (~50 Mbps vs. ~300 Mbps on
Ethernet works fine.
The antenna connection pins are okay and well clipped.
The framework driver bundle for AMD is installed.
The problem is the same on Fedora 39.
I tried to put back my old Intel Wi-Fi card (AX201), but Windows 11 doesn’t detect it.

That AX201 will never work on AMD, as it requires a compatible Intel CPU with CNVio2 support.

I am running a AX210 right now with the 7840U just like you and WLAN is quite fast. usually between 800 and 900mbit/s when using iperf3. I am testing it on linux though, so i cant speak for windows performance, nor what your local hotspot is like.

try another wifi channel and make sure you are using 5GHz wifi for better transfer speeds.

P.S. I am running manjaro (KDE) stable.

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Tested on another devices and it seems to be my wifi router doing random stuff, got similar speed. So it has nothing to do with framework. Thx.