[Solved] 12th gen and Anker 13-in-1 dock ("PowerExpand Elite")

I’m on Linux on both the 11th-gen and the 12th-gen.
I had the Anker 577 working with a 11th-gen, and now with the 12th-gen I cannot get it to work at all.

For example, a USB keyboard connected to the dock does not communicate with the 12th-gen laptop.

I know that it is not a problem of Linux kernel version, as I checked on the 12th-gen with both an old and a recent Linux image.

Also, it is not a general issue with Thunderbolt: I have an eGPU enclosure (Razer X Core with a RTX 3060Ti) connected in Thunderbolt and it still works fine with the 12th-gen.

Anybody got the Anker 577 to work with a Linux 12th-gen FrameWork?

Ok, I solved the issue, thanks to the Support Team!

I tried to boot a Ubuntu 22.04 USB stick, it worked.
Then I rebooted in my normal SSD (Artix Linux), with the Thunderbold dock still plugged in (maybe that’s important), and it worked!

Here is the thread where most of the discussion took place:

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