12th gen won't wake up from dock power on button

My dock (Anker 577 Thunderbolt Docking Station) worked perfectly with my 11st gen, including power on from the dock. The only thing needed was just to enable “Power up when AC power is connected” on the BIOS.

After the motherboard was replaced with the new model, this no longer works (of course I’ve enabled the same thing).

I don’t expect this to be specific to my dock but rather, a bug in the framework firmware, but in any case - anyone with a different experience with a different dock?

As far as I know, there is no common protocol for TB-Dock power buttons.
Thats very unfortunate and creates a situation, where usually the power button on a dock only works for a specific brand (e.g. Lenovo Dock => Lenovo Notebooks, Dell Dock => Dell Notebooks…).

I guess your Anker dock is exploiting the “Wake on AC” feature by simulating a power cycle when pressing the button. Very clever.

Have you tested if the “Wake on AC power” feature is working in general by manually plugging in power while the framework is shutdown?


Power comes from the dock - it’s nothing special Anker is doing. When you press the power button, well, there’s power on the cable :slight_smile:

On the 11th gen it did what you’d expect: Turn on the laptop, since the BIOS option “Turn on on AC power” is enabled.

This is not the case in on the 12th gen.

Makes sense, so it’s a power switch not just a push button.

Have you tested if the notebooks turns on when plugging in the charger?
(Maybe the wake feature is broken in general and not related to TB/docking)

To clarify what I meant:
Dell/Lenovo/HP… docks do have a push button which behaves the same as the power button on the notebook (e.g. short press => power on, long press => force off) - those are using a proprietary protocol.
When using the dock with a notebook of a different brand, the button does nothing.

My 12th gen wakes up from plugging in a power supply, just like expected. And of course the power button on my Dell dock does not work (the power LED that mirrors the power LED of Dell devices also does not work), but that was absolutely expected.

Since a power button on TB docks is not standardized at all, you probably first need to figure out what that Anker dock does with that button press. Then one can maybe troubleshoot how the 12th gen differs from the 11th gen and maybe is missing specific functionality. Wake up from plugging in a power supply seems to work reliably though, so Anker probably is doing something else…
Also curious that the newest Anker dock (777) seems to have dropped the power button. Maybe they discovered that it does not reliably work.

This is what we need you to check. Please run the cable directly from the wall adapter to a usb C port on your Framework. Does the machine power on?

@Carlos_Fernandez_San I also have the Anker 577 working with a 11th-gen, and now with the 12th-gen I cannot get it to work at all.
How is it for you, are you able to connect USB devices to the dock and have them communicate with the laptop?
On my side, no I cannot (I was able to, with the 11th-gen).

Important detail: I’m on LINUX (Artix).

Yes. Only boot on power on is not working.

Also on Linux. Kernel 6.0.7 I think.

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Many thanks for the info!

That’s weird… I really hope it’s not a defect on the laptop…

What is your BIOS version? Mine is 3.05, per:

$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-version

Also, what is your CPU?
Mine is i7-1280p.

PS: I sent a message to Support, just in case… I hope it is not a hardware problem.


12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1280P

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Many thanks!!
So, let me try to downgrade my BIOS to 03.04…

I could fix my problem by booting once on Ubuntu!
The BIOS version was completely unrelated to the issue.
It seems normal that the most recent laptops are shipped with the v3.05!

Here is where the discussion mainly happened: