Grub Prompt when external drive removed

Hi! So I am dual booting, Windows on the internal drive and Ubuntu on the expansion card. When the expansion card is removed, I get a Grub command line prompt instead of the option to boot windows. How do I fix that?

I like Ubuntu so much, I am actually going to re-install Ubuntu 21.04 on the internal and I’d want to dual boot 21.10 or some other distro(s) on the expansion card. But first I need access to windows to update the drivers!

Try typing exit at the grub command line to bring up the menu to boot.

I tried that and it just reboots the computer.

Have you checked if the option for windows 10 is in the laptop’s boot menu? And, are you able to boot windows with fhe drive is still connected? If you are able to boot windows, open up an administrator command prompt and run bootrec /FixBoot

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Thanks. Yes Windows boots fine if I select the drive with F12. I’ve actually repaired it using boot-repair.