[SOLVED] Bought laptop in Europe and received VAT to pay

Hello, I write here because support didn’t answer me for a week.
So I bought a laptop in June a few days later i received it, But later I received an invoice about customs (VAT). From what I understood the package was freed from customs because Fedex payed VAT upfront.
In the order summary it says that the VAT is included, so as far as i know the invoice should be payed by framework.
So my questions are should I pay the invoice or not, and if not is there a way to get a faster response from support.
Thank you all

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You don’t say where Europe you are, which may be of use to know.

If you have the laptop it’s not such a worry as you can with the authorities from a new computer, mind you dealing with the authorities when they appear entrenched in beaurocracy is no fun at all for most.

I wouldn’t pay unless you are happy not to get it back or are prepared to hassle to get it back.

Have you spoke to FEDex about paying upfront?

I’m from Germany.
The problem is that two days ago I received a payment notice and if the bill goes overdue they will ask the money from me.
I don’t know if response times of over a week from support are normal, but the time is running out and I need a response.

Are you sure it was FedEx as FedEx is only used in US and Canada?

Yes, I’m sure it’s written on the invoice and also on the tracking. I cannot show any proof because it would leak my info

FedEx are global.

I just received a package via them in the UK, from Holland

Hi @Samuele_Cerea. I’ve found your ticket and it was escalated to our European Logistics team. I’m digging in with the Head of Logistics to find out why this was not responded to. Our sincere apologies for the delay and someone will be with you shortly.


@TheTwistgibber do you have all the info I sent you via mail or I need to send it agian?

Nope, all good. I see the ticket and our Logistics team will be working through the backlogged tickets on their end. The ticket was escalated from our support team to the Logistics group where it got stuck. That group has the access and contacts to reach out to in order to investigate the VAT issue. You should not have to pay anything beyond what you’ve already paid to receive your product in our supported countries/regions.

Again, our apologies for the delay and we’re addressing the gap ASAP.


Not for framework.

The Framework came via UPS but things do come via Fedex, does it matter what the item is. off topic, I won’t respond again.

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Yes it can as different couriers have different customs procedure’s. Framework has never shipped through UPS only FedEx or DHL.

I’m just really confused as from over a year of being on the forum no one has ever said that an EU delivery was through FedEx only DPD or DHL. I’m sorry if I came across as petulant, aggressive, and condescending. If what I’m getting from it is that FedEx delivered without customs payment which no courier company would do EVER. I’m that convinced as I’ve helped other people at the start of EU deliveries so I know what couriers and coming through what.

People make mistakes, bigger companies, bigger mistakes and frequent small ones, just like people.