[SOLVED] Brother Printer Not Printing

Issue: Brother Printer Not Printing

I use a Brother printer HL-L2370DW as a wireless printer with my Framework laptop. The laptop runs Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. I can print from the printer from other Windows machines, from my phone and another laptop with an older version of Linux Ubuntu. On my framework laoptop, I can setup up the printer correctly, but the printer remains silent when I hit print on some document.

Previous steps trying to resolve the issue.

Namely, I have tried following the steps outlined on the Brother support website, including downloading the drivers and installing them. Everything executes correctly during the installation process but the printer remains silent when attempting to print.
The printer support website is here.
Any idea what could be the issue or how I could try resolving it?


  • Framework laptop with Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
  • Wireless Brother Printer HL-L2370DW

If you go to settings is the printer recognized there? Have you tried a wired connection instead of wireless?

Printer is shows as ready in Settings

I will try a wired connection in the next days.

Could you try following the steps under network printer here?

@ctype Historically I’ve seen this happen with printers when:

  • No static LAN IP is assigned to the printer from the router (yes, it can work without this step, but it also frequently fails without this step over time.)

  • Are we 100% sure your printer is connected to wifi? Don’t trust the printer, check your router admin page.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the ports to the printer on the computer?

  • What is the status of sudo ufw status ?

  • Yes, please try an Ethernet connection.

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Not sure what changed but I was able to print today. The issue is resolved.
I ran a software update with Ubuntu’s “Software Updater” which seemed to have a few firmware items in it. And, I re-installed the printer only with default values (not even Brother’s drivers). With that things are working fine but I am not sure what made the difference, specifically.
Thanks for your inputs in this thread!

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