[Solved] Can you charge the laptop with POE?

Just a random thought I had, nor is it something I can actually test. But I could see a second life for a mainboard as part of a networking setup. It would be useful if it could be charge via power-over-ethernet. Never used POE before but I am curious. Anyone have insights?

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POE is not supported by the Framework Ethernet Expansion Card.

I heard of USB-C dongles that support POE but not sure if it works when plugged into the Framework.

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Well. I suppose I could have answered my own question with a quick google.


@GhostLegion I have the USB-A and USB-microB version of that adapter.

Even though the USB-C version you linked to says it supports USB-PD, it still only provides 10W output, which isn’t going to be enough to charge the laptop while in use (and only very slowly while not in use).

The problem is that 802.3af only provides up to 13 watts, and 802.3at only increases that to 25.5 watts.

There is also 802.3bt (“Type 4”) which supports up to 71.3 watts (or “Type 3” which goes up to 51 watts), but you need to have a switch or injector that supports that.

A quick search finds splitters that claim to support up to 50 watts, like this one, but the POETexes one above is probably not going to provide enough power for this laptop: