[SOLVED] Cannot shutdown, sleep, and restart on Arch Linux

I have an i5 13th Gen Intel Framework laptop, and I installed Arch Linux on it. However, there are many issues with power states on it.

Rebooting: Linux seems to shut down normally, but then three messages about watchdog flash, the laptop turns off it’s screen, and the power button stays lit until a forced shutdown.
Shutdown: Mostly works, but when I press the power button in the main login screen of SDDM, no weird messages appear about watchdog, but the laptop hangs with a blank screen and a lit power button. Again, a forced shutdown is needed.
Sleep: Sometimes works, but sometimes gets stuck on black screen with lit power button. Also needs forced shutdown. However, when the laptop goes to sleep properly, the power button does a dimming sequence.

I have installed KDE with archinstall, and added the following kernel startup flags: “acpi_osi=”!Windows 2020" nvme.noacpi=1 nowatchdog".

This is only happening on my Framework.

I installed linux-lts and it fixed all of my power related issues.



Delighted to see this was resolved. :slight_smile: