[SOLVED] Cooler Master case antenna?

Just ordered the new Cooler Master case planning to put my original 11th gen board into it, but I have also seen Linus’s recent video from Computex where they state that it won’t come with antennas for the wifi card. What do I get that will work? Is the antenna module from the marketplace compatible?

The product page says you need standard SMA Antennae - so by my understanding the internal wires come with, but to use the wifi you’d have to get the actual antennae elsewhere. They’re not internal to the case like they are in the laptop.

The listing isn’t very specific though, so I could be wrong.

Yes. You can see the standard Framework antenna module in place in the picture here.

In case anyone else comes by this thread with similar questions.
The Cooler Master case includes just the case, screws, a case stand, and a bracket for a wifi module (just a piece that holds down a wifi module).

For wifi, you need both a Wifi Module and the Antenna Module. Be sure the wifi module is compatible with your motherboard. I would suggest avoiding the AX211 module. See Is the AX210 better than the AX211?

If you want an audio jack, you need an Audio Board Kit


The wires come attached to the antenna module.


Ah, I completely overlooked that photo. :dotted_line_face:

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Thank you for the response on this topic.

I placed an order for the same parts with the cooler master for my 11th gen.