[SOLVED] Disappointed with support response about 16" specifics

I asked about the possibility of the Framework 16 having a keyboard with a number pad and got what seems to be a canned response which doesn’t address my inquiry at all.


Here’s my inquiry and response:

Subject: Framework 16

Description: Please consider a keyboard with a number pad.
Not having one makes numerical/CAD/engineering work very tedious.
Personally I won’t buy a laptop that doesn’t have one.
Noah Katz

Hi Noah,

Thank you for getting in contact. We’re excited to share a sneak peek at the new Framework Laptop 16. For now, we aren’t able to share any information such as exact specifications that aren’t already on this page​. The best way to stay informed and hear more about this exciting new Laptop is to sign up for our Mailing list​ or follow our social media, that way you won’t miss any updates!

Additionally, so that developers can begin preparing for the new Expansion Bay Modules, and Input Modules we’ve announced, developer documentation for the Input modules and the expansion bay modules are available on our [GitHub]

Technically, you can’t buy a product that’s not sold. And there’s nothing to ‘support’ on an unsold product.

So, really, disappointed as you may be, there’s no Framework 16 for you to even consider buying yet, with or without a num pad.

It’s a future product that’s still in development. Support is not product development team.


Have you looked at ANY of the launch images, as they so clearly show a Numpad.


True, but I didn’t see an option to contact Product Development, or Feedback.

It just feels like a corporate response handled by AI, where often there’s no indication of comprehension.

Because you don’t. They don’t really care what one person wants, they look at a much larger sample size of 100-10k people and what they have decided is to include a numpad.


All I saw was the below; to be clear by number pad I mean all of the digits together on the right.

Yes, that is possible.

You’re unhappy that someone didn’t take the time to craft a personal response to a question that you couldn’t even bother to google?
Does the Framework 16 have a numpad?


I guess that’s a fair point, sort of.

I never heard of Framework until today, so it didn’t occur to me that it would be googleable yet.

And I assumed that looking at the keyboard they show in their promotional material would tell me what I need to know.

The google results don’t exactly jump out with the answer, but I see now that there will be a numpad module.


A quick search on the forum you just signed up for before creating a post complaining would have told you exactly what you wanted to know.

There is lots of ongoing discussion in the Framework Laptop 16 category if you want to know more.


…there is even an image with a numpad in that original press release on the FW L16 mentioned by @fyoosh :

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Welp, this thread was a whirlwind of emotions. @Noah_Katz, please know that our Support team has strict instructions not to discuss any details about the Framework Laptop 16 as it is still in heavy development and all information that’s available/approved for communication has been posted on our site, in our blogs, and elsewhere. I can say yes, it does support a numpad. Our Support team is not trying to be difficult, they are simply following the instructions provided and using the responses that have been approved. We’ve teased the Framework Laptop 16, and more information will be released over time as we get closer to preorder launch.

Thank you for your patience.


like twistgibber mentioned above, this “canned response” is all that the company has decided to share so far. they haven’t really made the design process collaborative before, but the company will sometimes look for feedback here on the forum.

I can tell you this is definitely not an AI response, but it is a response pre-written by the framework (which is a corporation) but not all pre-written responses are bad. they are necessary for small companies like framework to properly respond to all their fans asking about new products!

Framework cares about you as a customer, but doesn’t haave the staff to write a personal response to everyone about new products! If you post your message in a less demanding way on the forum next time, other users will be more than happy to answer it if we know the answer!

Last note: comments like this are not very helpful because the genuine answer is that the Framework laptop is not the right device for everyone. If it doesn’t have a way to incorporate a feature you need, buy a device that does!


What annoyed me was that it was a non-answer.

All they had to say was “there will be a module for that.”

But yeah, I shouldn’t have posted while I was still annoyed, and annoying a lot of other people.

They can’t discuss future features for the reasons already mentioned. Also I’m not sure we already have guaranteed proof that there will be a numpad module. The stuff that was demonstrated already could all be seen/interpreted as experimental prototypes. Support staff needs to be very careful to not make official statements that Framework doesn’t want to release.

Given that this thread has an official answer, any new posts will just be a rehashing of the answers already provided or it will derail the thread. For this reason, I’ll be closing the thread shortly. Please use the search button to find a related thread to discuss the numpad, if you wish to continue doing so.

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