Numpad not responding

Numpad trouble shooting

I was looking for trouble shooting guide for the numpad. I’ve not been able to find a guide for finding the issue. Looking at the build guide I can’t see anything I have missed. I ran the framework driver bundle.

I’ve tried shutting down and re-seating it but to no success, any other suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated

If you haven’t already, please lodge a support ticket.

Do any buttons work? Such as the calculator shortcut button or the backspace button?

What behavior are you seeing? Do any keys respond at all? Did any keys ever respond at any point?

There really isn’t anything you need to do for just basic functioning. It requires no driver. Just install it like the keyboard and it should work.

If no keys have ever worked, then you might have a hardware issue that you’d need to talk to support about.

Hi Bettsy,

Like others have said, no drivers are needed. It just works when it is installed just like the keyboard. I have not tried it myself, though I remember that the whole layout is modular; maybe try installing it on the LEFT of the keyboard.

Maybe look at the underside of the numpad and make sure there is not any tape or anything that is blocking the contacts? Just throwing out ideas. Reach out to support and create a ticket right away. Fortunately, it was the keypad and not your keyboard! Congrats on your FW16 machine.