[SOLVED] Drives only show up sometimes in Pop!_OS

Drives are not mounting nor do they show up in lsusb and they wont show up in fdisk but other usb devices do. but sometimes randomly the usb devices will mount and everything is normal.

I have updated and used the Pop recovery partition to do a refresh but it is still doing it

after booting into recovery again i found that the drives will mount without issue while in recovery mode so i think it is an issue with my install

Hi @Scott_Tuck ,

welcome back, can we try to narrow down the issue if it’s issue with Pop OS or generally with hardware? check with Ubuntu live or Fedora live, see if it’s exhibiting the same behavior or not?


yeah i think its an issue with pop since in recovery mode (which is pretty much the same as a live Iso) in mounts no issue

What does dmesg say, when you attach and detach the drives?

absolutely nothing unless it does mount after like 20 minutes but i have discovered that it mounts consistently when i reboot

i am an absolute fool it was fixed by unplugging my battery and plugging it back in thank you everyone


hmm odd, but thank you for sharing the remedy @Scott_Tuck , Others may find this useful.
cheers! :slight_smile: