[RESPONDED] No bootable device found pop os

Which OS (Operating System)?
Pop Os
Which release of your OS (Operating System)?
Not sure I hadn’t checked and I’m not sure if I can now.
I used encrypted storage
Framework laptop (11th or 12th generation

Framework laptop) are you asking for support with?
11th gen Intel
If this is a Linux issue, please use the Linux tag or at least put Linux in the title.
Was working fine, now says “Default boot device missing or boot failed”
bios version says it’s GFE30 3.07
SSD is showing up in attached device list as WDS500g1
If I boot pop os from a flash drive it shows up as unallocated space in the disks tool

Can someone please help

Your original popos partition shows as unallocated space when booting from a live usb? That means you’ve formatted your disk, or run into a very bad hardware issue.

Does your disk have important data on it (backups people, backups!)? If so, please stop trying anything, do a backup of your disk (with dd) and research (or outsource) data recovery.

The whole wd SSD shows up as unallocated space

Sounds like some partitions may have been wiped out.

Can you walk me through the steps that led to this?
You indicated it was working fine, was this after an update, after running an application, booting to a Recovery Partition?