[SOLVED] Ethernet Adapter stops working, when using a cloned mac address

I’m currently on a 12th gen Framework13 with the latest version of Manjaro Gnome. The ethernet adapter reports no carrier, as soon as a cloned mac address is used.

Our Ethernet expansion card was tested primarily on Ubuntu/Fedora. That said, have you seen this behavior without cloning the MAC?

Without cloning the Mac it works just as advertised. I also doubt the existance of a difference between Ubuntu and Manjaro, since it’s entirely kernel related and the kmod will likely be the same.

Delighted to hear it.

Can only speculate as we did our most recent testing on Ubuntu and Fedora. So yeah, it’s highly likely it would work just fine on Manjaro as well. Marking solved as we have a cause and a solution be it sans the MAC cloning.

Could you maybe test the MAC cloning on Fendora/Ubuntu, since it’s a useful feature for some networks?

Good question. I’m on a work retreat at the moment, however when I return to my home network, I will see about testing on my end.

If you could tell me the driver of the card, I could investigate a bit by myself.

The module (driver on Linux built into the kernel) is r8152. It’s a Realtek Semiconductor Corp. USB 10/100/1G/2.5G LAN device. This is what you would be looking for in the logs.